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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Microsoft Office Access 2007: The Complete Reference

Microsoft Office Access 2007: The Complete Reference

Complete Reference Series
By Virginia Andersen 
775 pages
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1 edition (January 26, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0072263504
ISBN-13: 978-0072263503

Book Description

The Ultimate Microsoft Office Access 2007 Resource

Build a highly responsive a database so you can track, report, and share information and make more informed decisions. This comprehensive resource shows you how to design and develop custom Access 2007 databases--even if you have little or no programming experience. You'll learn to collect data from a variety of sources, share it securely with others, and integrate it with other Office applications.

Filled with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, Microsoft Office Access 2007: The Complete Reference shows you how to take full advantage of all the new features, including the new ribbon user interface and navigation pane, new field types, and more. Create a reliable and versatile information management solution with help from this all-inclusive guide. As a bonus, you can gain hands-on experience by following along with the book's sample databases on the CD-ROM.

* Customize the user interface to suit your preferences
* Use the built-in database templates or design your own
* Create, modify, and relate tables
* Enter and edit data
* Write advanced queries to extract and manipulate information
*Create customized forms and reports
*Improve performance and back up your database
*Develop macros to carry out automated responses to user actions
*Import, link, and export data
*Enable a multiple-user environment
*Secure your database

Access 2007 The Missing Manual

Access 2007 The Missing Manual
By Matthew MacDonald
751 pages
Publisher: Pogue Press (December 29, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0596527608
ISBN-13: 978-0596527600

Product Description

Access 2007: The Missing Manual was written from the ground up for this redesigned application. You will learn how to design complete databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry. You'll even delve into the black art of Access programming (including macros and Visual Basic), and pick up valuable tricks and techniques to automate common tasks -- even if you've never touched a line of code before. You will also learn all about the new prebuilt databases you can customize to fit your needs, and how the new complex data feature will simplify your life. With plenty of downloadable examples, this objective and witty book will turn an Access neophyte into a true master.

Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual

Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual
By Matthew MacDonald
Paperback: 378 pages
Publisher: Pogue Press; 1 edition
ISBN-10: 0596528337
ISBN-13: 978-0596528331

Product Description

This fast-paced book teaches you the basics of Access 2007 so you can start using this popular database program right away. You'll learn how to work with Access' most useful features to design databases, maintain them, search for valuable nuggets of information, and build attractive forms for quick-and-easy data entry.

The new Access is radically different from previous versions, but with this book, you'll breeze through the new interface and its timesaving features in no time with:
  • Clear explanations
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Lots of illustrations
  • Larger type
  • Plenty of friendly advice
Ideal for small businesses and households, Access runs on PCs and manages large stores information, including numbers, pages of text, and pictures -- everything from a list of family phone numbers to an enormous product catalog. Unfortunately, each new version of the program crammed in yet another set of features -- so many that even the pros don't know where to find them all. Access 2007 breaks the mold: Microsoft changed the user interface by designing a tabbed toolbar that makes features easy to locate. 
One thing that hasn't improved is Microsoft's documentation. Even if you find the features you need, you still may not know what to do with them. Access 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual is the perfect primer for small businesses with no techie to turn to, as well as those who want to organize household and office information.

Microsoft Access 2007 Data Analysis

Microsoft Access 2007 Data Analysis
By Michael Alexander
552 pages
Publisher: Wiley (March 26, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0470104856
ISBN-13: 978-0470104859

Book Description

Chart a course for more effective data analysis with Access 2007. With this resource, you’ll learn how Access 2007 offers powerful functionality that may be better suited to your data analysis needs. Learn to analyze large amounts of data in meaningful ways, quickly and easily slice it into various views, automate redundant analysis, and save time—all using Access. If you know a bit about table structures and formulas as well as data analysis, start thinking outside the chart.
  • Apply Access 2007 to the task of collecting, transforming, analyzing, and presenting data

  • Create custom functions, perform batch analysis, and develop automated procedures that essentially run themselves

  • Build effective query skills

  • Learn to clean and shape raw data, create and utilize custom calculations, work with dates, and perform advanced time analysis

  • Work with SQL statements, PivotTables, and PivotCharts

  • Perform advanced statistical analysis using subqueries and domain aggregate functions

  • See how to use macros and Visual Basic® for Applications to enhance data analysis